Flippity Flip

Got an e-mail today made my flippin stomach go flippity flip. All very hush, hush so will say no more for now. There is still another stage to go so wish me luck! For those who also have e-mails and know exactly what I'm talking about, please don't let on. I'd like to be famed in the papercrafting world but not as someone who can't keep their big gob shut! lol ;)

Most of this morning was spent at the immunisation clinic for Small-n-Grubby to have his 4 year old's jabs. He was very worried having only recently had a bad experience at the hospital so as you can imagine the whole thing was a bit yuk.

He had Lego City Fire Service with his birthday money, so when we got back I spent some time getting another couple of bits done (still 2 more buildings to go!). Love just sitting about building Lego, not a bad life huh? Of course I can get it don't really quickly because, unlike men, I just follow the instructions! There must be a job 'Lego Instructions Tester', I want that job, me, me, me.

Hoping to get the crafting juices flowing tonight. Will have to limit myself to 1 hour playing with my shop so that I get time for crafting!

** Kate **

= Edit = You won't believe what has happened this afternoon. No not the BB thing, I don't have the facts about that and so I am not qualified to comment!
I got a call from the clinic to say that out of all the vaccines they'd given this morning one had been out of date, and guess who got it!!! The children's health authority have been contacted. We have been assured that there are no possible ill effects. It was just a few days too old (or so I'm told). However, there is doubts over its effectiveness, so the poor little blighter will have to have it done again in 4 - 6 weeks. He is not going to be a happy bunny!


Beckie said…
AW Kate that is a total bummer and what a goof up!
Looking forward to hearing your good news!

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