Friday, June 29

Flower Power

Dinky Diva had a teacher training day today so I got a small lie-in and no hike up the hill to school - hurrah. She came along to toddlers and was beautifully behaved as always. We did end up leaving early because Small-N-Grubby had a tussle and ended up being scratched by a baby! He demanded to go home after that saying 'why do they have to let all these babies in' like they are some anti-social section of society.

Just about time for a small bit of jewellery making. Found these pretty flower beads at my local store, they're sort of clay or resin pretending to look like clay, I'm not sure which.Been to Rainbows tonight so I'm now done in. Big weekend planned as Silly-Mid-On has his annual cricket charity event on Sunday. Fingers crossed please for minimal rain (I think no rain would be too optimistic!).

** Kate **

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LisaBabe said...

Gorgeous bracelet, Kate - I must've missed it over the weekend. Those pink flower beads are so lovely.

Lisa xoxo