Funky Fibres

Worked on some more cards for the shop today (as well as some housework so I am feeling very virtuous). There's lots of my previous designs that need reproducing but I find it hard to concentrate on them, I want to try out new ideas. Making half a dozen in a batch but I didn't finish any of them. I needed some silk flowers and ended up having to sort them all out.

I'm overloaded with certain ones so I've put some in the
shop as well as a few extra bits like these funky fibres.

Tomorrow I must work on my project that I have a deadline for. All the ideas are in my head, I just hope they come together once I start working on them. I've got a box I've been gathering up bits in but I dare not give a sneak preview!

I haven't looked at my wish list in ages. There's a couple of competitions over on Justbex I need to add. Also saw a 'never ending' card in a magazine. I can't figure out how it works and I do like a challenge. Talking of a challenge, there's the first divider for my craft file to finish by Friday, if I want to catch up with everyone else!

** Kate **


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