Gift Boxes

Spent most of today crafting......bliss. The weather was too bad to do much else. There wasn't much light for pictures so I will see if its better tomorrow. One thing I did photograph was the gift boxes for the jewellery I blogged yesterday. I had to give them to my sister this evening so I won't get another chance.
Went with everyones initials so I wouldn't have to worry about the spelling. Also meant I got to use my new Heidi Grace alphabets that I bought on QVC. There was only 1248 of them in the pack, so I guess I have a few to spare! Hopefully these will be small enough to fit in the luggage. Spent quite a while attempting to translate a sloppy, sentimental saying I had found into French in the hope that the groom would be able to read it. I've warned my sister in case I've managed to write something really silly. There was one word I kind of made up, so it should be interesting.
Back to the school routine tomorrow and another busy week. Am trying to do some crafting before I get on the computer, it seemed to work quite well Thursday so I think I will try it again. Have some deadlines to meet for competitions so I will be disciplined.
Hope you had a good weekend.
** Kate **


Leigh said…
Beautiful boxes Kate, I'm sure they'll be well received. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your creations when you manage to take piccies. :)
mum on the run said…
Ooh, they're gorgeous!!

The alphas sound fab, I really must start watching QVC instead of just watching the recording a week later :)

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