I'm back ...........................

Its been a funny couple of weeks. Really got to grips with Small-n-Grubby's new diet (he's doing really well and hardly a complaint from him). This included a week away on the Dorset coast at half-term. Quite hard work as the usual holiday spontaneity was a bit lost by having to continually return to our lodge and cook! But we got through it and with the help of my my mum I now have lots of recipes and ideas to keep us going while we reintroduce foods to his diet. As there's quite a lot to talk about with diets and all I have decided to start a separate blog to record our progress along with any interesting info and recipes. Although all aspects of my life are part of my Craft Life it will help to make things look a lot less muddled. Anyway, have a look for it on my profile it will be there soon.

Back and raring to go I have had a tidy up on my blog and added a new header. I have also put a handful of items for sale in the shop just to get it up and running. Its here if you want to have a nosey.

Loads (and I mean hundreds) of holiday photos to sort through here's a taster.

Two birthdays this week as well Small-n-Grubby - we bought him a scoot bike:

and I did some crafting for my niece's birthday - bracelet and card:

Also managed to visit a few craft shops on holiday so lots of new bits and pieces to craft with. I guess there's no stopping me now!

** Kate **


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