Never Ending Story

Wasn't that the film with that really big fluffy dog like creature, the story was never ending because they kept making really bad sequels. Anyhoooo.....

I couldn't resist having a try at the never ending card in this month's Card Making and Papercraft magazine. I quite enjoy projects with a bit of paper engineering in them. Here is the first attempt :

The idea is really fun and would make a great card for a very special occasion or even a mini book. I just used some spare card and the stamps I had to hand. As a first attempt I didn't pay too much attention to which pages would appear next to each other once they were flipped, so there are some strange combinations. Now I know roughly what I'm doing I'm attempting another one to send off to the magazine.
Wish me luck for Small-N-Grubby's hospital appoinment tomorrow, will probably do some craftingin the evening to try to relax.

** Kate **


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