Had a disaster yesterday evening trying to upload more stock to the shop. I have boxes of finished cards that I take to craft fairs so I chose a dozen and photographed them along with my jewellery stock for the shop. I've got a couple of programs to rotate and re-size them, just free stuff nothing fancy, so I merrily edit them all. Then I notice that anything I have cropped or rotated is now 1 to 2mb in size. My site provider was not gonna be happy with that! So I ended up deleting them all and starting again. This meant my plan to actually do some crafting yesterday totally failed. Got them finished this morning and have uploaded about half to the site, so I guess no crafting for me again this evening.

I was really pleased with my business stationery from Vistaprint you just pay for postage so for 250 business cards its about £3.56 including vat. Once you've ordered you're bombarded with other offers. So for less than £10 I've ended up with - a copy of the business card on my

e-mails, 100 glossy postcards and 50 large postcards all printed on both sides. Just gotta get handing them out and sticking them on office notice boards.

I went for a quirky image to go with the noseycritters name.

Hopefully it should get noticed!!

** Kate **


Beckie said…
Too cute that froggie!

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