Orange Inspiration

Here's the fab holiday stash I bought.

I tried to stick to things I had been wanting and couldn't get hold of rather than impulse buying all over the place! Did get one impulse buy though.

A half-price BoBunny 2007 calendar kit. As we are in June already and the year is half gone (when did that happen!) I shall be using it to make a lovely year book. Its made up of 12 6X6 double page spreads with a calendar on one side and room for a pic or 2 on tother. Will try to get started and pick a memorable event from each month to feature. I wouldn't put money on me getting round to starting it before the end of the year though!

As I have bought all this stuff lately and I keep promising to reign in my spending I thought I would make a LO with it all. It's orange inspired, I think you can blame Emine for that, check out her blog.

I've seen some don't buy any new stuff challenges and US sites about buying nothing new for 6 months (except food and toiletries). I think its a good time for me to have a try at this. My plan is that every time I have the urge to buy stuff I make stuff instead. So 05.06.07 is day 1, lets see how I don't get on!

My Lemon Pie Dreams is now up and running if you want to read about all my special foody news.

** Kate**


Eminepala said…
Hi Kate

This is beautiful... Glad I could inspire you to create IN ORANGE LOL...

Thank you

Gail said…
Great idea to photograph your stash! Particularly as I'm always opening things and then forgetting who it was by, so I can't give proper credits.

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