Didn't have much fun clothes shopping yesterday and came away empty handed. Its hot, its crowded and shop assistants are .... (you fill in the blank!). Came home and spent some time on the Internet with my feet up and a cuppa. Ordered a few things, why didn't I just do that in the first place?

Thursday is always a good crafting day for me as I get the house to myself for nearly 3 hours. Although I made myself complete some paperwork and household jobs before I got down to the crafting. This didn't leave me enough time to finish any of the projects I'm currently working on and I really felt the need to complete something today. So with this in mind I worked on a fresh layout choosing a fun picture as the start. There's a hidden message on the reverse of the tag which explains that I have had the Pooh Sticks picture and the stamp set since I was about 10! So now you can see I have been a stamper for quite some time! I remember the catalogue coming round school with loads of different stamps in. Loads got ordered, I don't think stamps were half as easy to get hold of back then. Proof that if you look after them, stamps will definitely last.

More good news - Simply Cards and Papercraft has printed another of my competition entry cards in the gallery this month. How chuffed am I!

** Kate **


Kathy said…
ooooh I LOVE WtP! Love all the stories and all the fabby E Shepard drawings. I hate the nast Disney ones though - what a travesty.

Well done on getting published!
mum on the run said…
Fab LO Kate. Great journalling, so true!

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