Strange Parcels and A Hospital Visit

First of all I must start by saying all is well with Small-N-Grubby, tests came back at normal levels. Feeling a lot happier now, almost enough to erase the stressful morning that got us to this point. Now for a little rant.

It started with strange parcels. Although I should be getting ready for the hospital you can't just leave them, can you? Anyway, I opened them. There was a new credit card I hadn't ordered, a magazine I already had and some toppers generously sent to me by Hobbycraft (more about them later). I wished I hadn't opened it now, the credit card was worrying me, had someone been attempting to order things in my name? Half an hour until we are being collected and I decide to ring up and check - bad move. I am informed that the card is to replace my existing one (which I am perfectly happy with and have refused to have replaced in the past) and that it is necessary as it contains up to date security measures. Apparently it is also necessary for it to have a completely new number, so I now have to contact anyone who is authorised to claim on it (anything paid in instalments or where you buy phone credit etc etc).

For good measure I then get a lecture about identity fraud and how I can pay them £X a year to take all the worries away. When I refuse she attempts to put the frighteners on me "you do know what can happen if your identity is stolen don't you madam?"

I continue to refuse and by now its time to go and my sister is here to give us a lift (thanks for ferrying us around big sis.)

We know its going to be busy as the doc is away at the end of June and trying to see everyone for their regular appointments. In fact everyone is double booked!! We get there at 11.15 for an 11.35 appointment (well you never know what traffic/parking is going to be like do you?). The board (which hasn't been updated since yesterday) says there is a 35 minute wait. So I guess we won't be seen until around 12. In between rain showers I take Small-N-Grubby out to play in some nearby gravel. I tell him its like being at the beach and he seems happy enough!

By 12 I suggest we should stay inside, we could be called in at any minute. We do colouring and read some books (there are no toys in the waiting room - I think we will have to donate some). We do Colour I Spy because he can't spell, but eventually there is nothing left in the waiting room to spy apart from getting personal about the other patients.

The lady opposite asks when my appointment is and tells me hers is 11.30. When she is called in we become falsely optimistic. We think we might be next, but then another lady says she has 11.30 too. Next a man is called in before either of us and we wonder what time was his, 11.32?

My sister has come to pick us up and we make a group assault on SMO's crossword. Our progress is pitiful. There's some sort of medical clue about orifices (I kid you not) which he whispers across to her and then thinks she says 'arse' is the answer when she actually says 'oss'.

Well it lightens the mood, until the other 11.30 lady is called in and we are the last ones left in the waiting room.

If only we had known we were last, we could have gone off and just kept checking to see if the room was empty yet. eventually we are called in at about 12.35 and told that all is well. We only need to go back now as an emergency if/when he gets a rash again. I really mustn't complain (although I guess I just have), all this pales into insignificance when you read Kirsty's blog about her appointment from hell.

All the waiting leaves me plenty of time to figure out about the extra magazine I was sent. I think its the one that unexpectedly printed my Autumn card. They enclosed a nice little pile of Bazzill with it, so thank you - very much appreciated. The toppers from Hobbycraft were very much appreciated and also very, very bright!

The only way I can think to use them is mounted on plain white cards with a little message - unless anyone has better ideas???

Oh and this afternoon my big pack of DCWV Far East arrived from QVC - yummy.
Off to see mum this evening, she was in hospital today too, but I know she won't want me to blog about it!!

** Kate **


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