Time to read

Small-N-Grubby had his 1st visit to infants school today. He let me trim his hair before we went, but I only really know how to do little girls haircuts. I tried to shape the top layer in at the back and he anounced that it was very smart. He tripped off to school quite happily giving me an unexpected hour and a half free. Another mum invited me for a cup of tea. This was great but it meant we walked to school and back 3 times in total today. School is at the top of a biiiig hill!!

No time for crafting today with all the school trips but I did have a book in my bag in case I had to sit and wait for a while. I don't quite know how I find the time but I do like to read - and not just craft magazines, although they are my #1 choice! I've just finished A Short History Of Tractors In Ukranian by Marina Lewycka. A very funny book each section flowed easily into the next so I found it quite hard to put down. Definately gets the thumbs up from me.

Was just watching a bit of Gillian McKeith whilst I waited for the kids to go off to sleep. Am I the only one who feels really hungry when I watch that programme. When 'plenty money, meanie husband' comes home I might have to send him out for a takeaway!

Hoping for good weather tomorrow as I have some shopping planned. I hope you're sitting down for this - NOT craft stuff, I need some clothes and make-up. And perhaps I should just check there aren't any reduced bargains in the craft section at Lakeland.

** Kate **


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