Wedding Gifts

Kept myself busy today making wedding gifts for my sister and her new in-laws. Dinky Diva helped me while Small-N-Grubby had a nap. DD is much better now.

For the bride I have made something simple and hopefully elegant which she can wear on the wedding day if she wishes and if Tunisian tradition allows.

I had some ideas for something a bit bigger than this but I think it would fight with the dress!
(Its a big traditional dress, I think we'll be lucky if we see any of the wedding photos!!)
Then there's the mother of the groom, who I haven't met. I think she probably likes her bling, I couldn't get the jewelled handbag charm I was after so I went for a big bit of blown glass instead.

Finally there is one sister of the groom for whom I have gone with my trademark charm bracelet.
I couldn't resist the cute little ladybird charm, do you get ladybirds in Tunisia? Also spot the little fish on the tie charm (I think there is something about dragging a fish around at a Tunisian wedding, so hope the charm will mean good luck).

This evening and tomorrow I want to make the gift boxes, a card, and a little mini-album of embarrassment that I can't resist mwhahaha!

Must get the kids to bed before Dr Who starts.

** Kate **


Leigh said…
Beautiful jewellery Kate.
Jo said…
lol! I was waiting for that song to kick in as soon as I saw the title....

Here come the drums, here come the drums.....

Beautiful Jewellery, you are soooo clever :)

jo xx

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