A red or green fruit from a tree. Show us 'apple' in your space today.

Couldn't resist a bit of Disney.

It's reminded me that I haven't properly installed my Disney font (on the to do list.)

Continued tidying the crafting corner yesterday. Not much progress. Found some left overs from a kit I was given, and combined them with a stamped background I had filed away, to produce this.

I found I had at least half a dozen boxes and files dotted around with scraps in so I used an idea which I saw in a mag, I think it was in an article on Jenny's craft area. Hanging files divided by colour.

Threw away lots of tiny bits of card I'd been hoarding!! Very liberating. Hope to get some more crafting time this afternoon.

** Kate **


Hazel said…
Tee hee, that's a different take on apple - great! It's good when you have a successful crafty sort out, isn't it? I'm always doing it!
Rachael said…
Oooo she looks scary. :)
Caz said…
good take on the word :) Love your SP btw!!
Great idea!

Love the card too. :-)
Anonymous said…
Good idea! Love organizing and cleaning out. I sort my scraps the same way, but my files are now overflowing and I need to clean them out!
Olivia said…
LOL! I really liked this!
Vanda said…
Oooo love your apple but I have to say, she used to scare the hell out of me when I was a kid ~ lol!
Terrie said…
do you know i was going to do the wicked witch too but our figure was too small (and a bit 'muched' love if you know what i mean!) WEll done. X
LisaBabe said…
eeep scary witch. Good luck with the clearout - mine is well overdue!!
Louise said…
oooo scray ornament!!! My DS wouldn't like her, he leaves the room when she is on the dvd...LOL!!!
Anonymous said…
lol...Love it...great take on the word!!

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