Wednesday, August 8

DCM Little Extra

3 circles, 3 arrows and a square. I had every intention when I started making this of it being a good stand-by men's birthday card - but it ended up all pink!

We (me, Dinky Diva and Small-N-Grubby) have been clay modelling this afternoon, copying an idea we saw at a craft fair to make mini pets, hopefully have some results ready tomorrow.

** Kate **

P.s. both pictures below are of Salisbury cathedral, just different angles.


Kathy said...

oooh lovely - those curvy arrows are fab!

Karva said...

Fantastic card, well done
Just double tagged you, just ignore it if you dont do tags!!

malieta said...

Great card! Love the layout and the arrows and gotta have the cupcake!(lol)

Paula said...

Love the sweet little cake in the middle, yum!!

Andrea said...

Great card, love the arrows.

Lynne said...

Great card - love what you've done with this weeks recipe.

Farmersgirl said...

Great card Kate, pink is good - those men just have to get in touch with their feminine side! Done my card but not posted yet - time really short this week.


Louly said...

Another gorgeous card! there's just no stopping you.