Drive ( and Pressies!)

To operate a vehicle. Show us drive in your space today. Ooh this is a hard one for me today. We are quite a green family, we live in town and don't own a car! SMO's office is about 5 minutes away, the kids and I walk the mile to school and back each day, its 10 minutes to the shopping centre, its our life and I like it! So these gals agreed to pose for me in their wheels, its the kind of car I always wanted when I was a kid (that and one of those white cobra's from Charlie's Angels!).
Ok so I was really good yesterday and got all my planned jobs done, I just didn't get time to blog my efforts, so here they are. This is the notebook I made my niece. I based the patterns and colours around the Animal sticker in the top right corner, which I got when I bought a wallet/purse for the other part of her present.I couldn't take something for one niece and not the other, so I made this.Pink and oriental, they were her favorites last time I saw her.

Today I have to do some housework and then if the kids let me I might work on the latest CPS sketch. Also hoping that some parcels will come today from all my shopping on QVC craft day...fingers crossed.

By the way there's blog candy over with Mum on the Run if you fancy visiting to see her great work and try to win some stamps whilst you're there.

** Kate **


Terrie said…
WEll done, great minds (almost) think alike on this one! Love the diaries too, bet they were well chuffed.X
etteY said…
clever idea! nice shot ;)
Debbie said…
pmsl kate i had to do the same this morning - i dont even drive!! LOL Great shot and i love those notebooks!
That's a good idea :) You made me laugh!
The notebooks look pretty.

Sue Nicholson said…
Clever idea :)

The notebook and diary are lovely too. They will be so pleased.

christiane said…
hehehe!! soo cute!! great shot!! your diary is very pretty!!
Diana said…
LOL cute interpretation.
Angela said…
LOl, sweet.

The notebooks are gorg, they will be thrilled.
Anonymous said…
lol what a great 'drive' photo... love the notebooks too :)
Rachael said…
Cute drive picture and I love the books.
MaaikeV said…
hihi great idea!!

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