Fairy Force

The Dinky Diva completed her dance workshop today. She's been going for half days all week and after the last session today they put on a show - Fairy Force (like Ground Force but with fairies and all the boys refusing to be Gordon the Garden Gnome). Her part was the Lavender Flower Fairy and here she is.

The face paint reminded me of a Geisha, but she loved it. She had a line too - something like 'I know who we need Fifi and her Flowertots.' She delivered it beautifully with beckoning hand gestures ( I know my opinions a bit biased).

Didn't want to leave out Small-N-Grubby. He sat through the whole performance (a reasonably short one) like a little angel, mesmerised by the on stage goings on. Here he is at a party the other day. The invite said wear green and he insisted on being Peter Pan. I wanted him to wear a green top and khaki trousers. He won the prize for the best outfit, which shows what I know! I've been tagged by Hazel, see the full details on her blog.

I need to send a card to someone and nominate 5 more people. So here goes. This is my card.

It's for SMO's aunt, who sent me a lovely little packet of craft goodies for my birthday last month. My nominees are :

Apologies if any of you don't do tags, please feel free to ignore me.

Usual plans for the weekend with some additional organising for the soon to be 7 DD.

** Kate **


CarolineO said…
Thanks for the tag kate, I'll be along to do it later! have a great weekend!

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