Thursday, August 2

Get Well Soon

Its not often, regrettably, that inspiration hits in a flash but today it did. Spent loads of time this morning trying to tidy up the computer files so that it runs faster - if anything its now slower! (Is it possible it runs slower in the school hols, lots more people on the net during the day?) Had literally 10 - 15 mins to make a card this afternoon and inspiration struck.

The bee and flower kind of fell together yesterday when I was trying to find a large flower (I need to buy some more). Today I knew just what to do with them, and it used up lots of scraps. It would have been for SMO's mum as she was going into hospital on Monday. Her ops been cancelled - good news I think, part improved health, part cut-backs!

I've been doing more tidying today, determined to whip the house into shape by the end of the hols. I just can't part with things though, all those craft bits you know will come in useful one day. At least if I tidy there will be room for those extra flowers I'm going to order!

** Kate **


Kathy said...

This is cute Kate - and did you realise it works for the daring Carmakers midweek challenge - you should leave a message on there so everyone can come and visit!

Hazel said...

Isn't it good when a card comes together so well like that?
I'm tagging you with the Global Bumper Card thingie that's going round atm - please have a look on my blog for details.

Kate said...

Thanks Hazel will check it out tomorrow (having awful computer troubles tonight!)

Kathy have just about managed a link - after forgetting to add it and then adding it wrong, lol!

So Sonya said...

that card is lovely!!!