Monday, August 6

HS : MS Update

I can't believe all the visitors I've had today and so many fantastic comments too. Thank you one and all. Spent so much time paying return visits to blogs I haven't had time to make anything!!

Can share this though, the postman has been, wahoo. Yes I've been shopping with David and Brenda at Craft Obsessions again. This is what I will definitely be playing with this evening as soon as I get the chance. Problem is I have to prepare a craft activity for a kids summer hols club tomorrow before I can get on to my own crafting :( These things we volunteer for.

A couple of places to visit if you fancy some blog candy and of course some great crafty things to have a look at - Sonya and Glitterangel.

Count down to the craft day and the craft TSV on QVC. Don't let me forget. Not going to be complacent about it this time (after missing out on the crop-o-dile). As far as I know its going to be a Christmas Do Crafts one, but as they have a new die-cutter out I will be keeping an eye on it. All day on Thursday 9 August starting at midnight on the Wednesday.

** Kate **


mum on the run said...

Yummy stash Kate!!

We had post today but all I got were bills, sob!!

Jules said...

oooh, fancy them having a craft day on my birthday :oD

Great looking stash. I have the glitter stack and love it! I'm looking forwawrd to seeing what you create.

Andrea said...

Have fun with your goodies

So Sonya said...

oooh gorgeous stash