I {heart} 2 Stamp

This Saturday's challenge sketch (see the link on the challenge section on the right). And inside the little flap.
Lots of crafty bits to catch up on Sonya nominated me for a 'Nice Matters' award. Thanks Sonya, I saw the blog this started from but as usual I can't remember where! My Computer is fighting with me this morning and I can't even get is to display the logo so I think that one will have to stop with me for now.

Sonya also asked about the wizard stamp in the previous post. Its a Woodware design from the same range that Cheryl has used here.

Had a nice day out yesterday, couldn't find myself something to buy though, not even in Poundland! I read somewhere that they had acid free pens but I couldn't see any. Had lunch in a local hotel and then treated myself to a tub of Green and Blacks chocolate ice cream on the way home. Smo left for his annual cricket holiday at 8am this morning so I can treat myself to ice cream in the evenings when I'm on my own.

Saw this on Leigh's blog
(forgive me if you can't see it at the moment, I'm having real blogger troubles this morning Edit - have packed kids off to grandma's for lunch, taken deep breaths and sorted it out!!) Its from Bad Girls Kits you link to them and each week they go looking for linked blogs with the logo and give out free kit. Not that they are going to find mine as the logo won't work... aaaargh.

This has taken so long to do this morning and I haven't looked at HS:MS yet! You've heard of road rage well I think we should now have BLOG RAGE.
I think it might be my day for complaining. I still have parcels outstanding from QVC craft day. They are with Royal Mail, I wish they would courier everything, they charge enough!!

** Kate **


Jackie said…
Poor you Kate, you seem to have the real 'Monday morning' feeling. I know how you feel though, I've had it all weekend :(
I love the card with the flap on the front, a really novel idea :)
I hope the rest of the day goes better for you.
Emma said…
Kate - what a great blog with so many inspiring cards. Thanks for the info about the challenges.
jen del muro (iheart2stamp.com) said…
Love it!! Thx for playing!

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