Saturday, August 4

It's About Time

This weeks DCM dare is a time related card. Mine is dedicated to May Flaum one of Fiskateers lead Fisk-A-Teers who is currently over-due waiting for her baby.

Had this sweet little wedding invite in the post yesterday. Its from the same aunt who sent me the card making goodies (see yesterdays blog).

I've done a quick acceptance card with a similar cake design in silver pearl embossing powder and deckle cut the edge to match. Have written on the back in silver gel pen to say its from us!

Used the stamp for the first time since I bought it and have just noticed there's a swag missing on the bottom left layer of the cake - I'll have to add it with an embossing pen when I use it next!

Off to spend the afternoon in the fresh air and sunshine with the kids, SMO has an away match so won't see him again til late evening. Still it means undisturbed crafting once the little uns are in bed....yipeee!

** Kate **


Paula said...

Cool cards, Kate.
I see from your profile you are also a fan of Barbara Erskine.
Kingdom of Shadows is my absolutely favourite.

Lythan said...

Love the card - hope she doesn't need it much longer!

Hazel said...

Tee hee - great card to do for the DCM challenge - hope it's not too much longer for her.

So Sonya said...

They are brilliant!!!

Kathy said...

such a cute mum-in-waiting card! perfect for the dare this week, so thanks for sharing!

Love the others too, I love the blues you're using

Farmersgirl said...

Hey Kate, lovely cards. Have you checked out Sonya's Blog candy - she has had over 1000 hits on her blog, so is celebrating.

Lynne said...

What a great idea, thanks for joining in the fun.