Friday, August 24

Set in Stone

Today's Her Space : My Space word is

A hard solid mineral. Show us 'stone' in your space today.

These are from the area around Lyme Regis (one of my most favorite places). We have lots dotted around the house collected across the years from many visits there.
My dad assured me when I found this next bit that it was only fools gold!
Decided to work on some jewellery last night for a change. Pencil Lines have an altered art challenge that includes jewellery, so I'll have to have a try at that some time.

These are 2 separate necklaces, each with 5 glass beads suspended on thin steel wires, the idea being that they look like they are just floating there.

** Kate **

Just had to add beautiful and sunny here yesterday afternoon. Bundled the kids into the garden and after only 5 minutes Small-N-Grubby starts whining to come in. After half an hour grizzling I finally gave up and let him back in again. Kids!!


Hazel said...

These are great photos - love the floating beads necklaces.

Lin (Briar Patch) said...

Pretty necklace! Love the other photos too!

Diana said...

Love the pics you are so lucky to have seen such stone!

LisaBabe said...

Love your stone photos, Kate. Necklace is gorgeous too.

Rachael said...

Great pictures and necklaces they are so pretty. :)

Terrie said...

lovely shots. X

Nat said...

Wow - lovely pics, especially the fossil! Love your necklace, my mum makes jewellery too and it's rubbing off on to me -I'm itching to have a go! xx

Caz said...

great photos! Especially love the first one