Wednesday, August 1

Soooo Hot

Really warm today. I think it has taken us by surprise as we haven't had the usual build up to summer. Made it to my craft class. They were making shoes today from the Toe Tappers templates. I made this......

Not my usual thing, but I do enjoy doing shaped cards.

I've also been working on some submissions for magazines (not that I have been comissioned to do any, just sending stuff off). I smudged this card one too many times and can't bring myself to send it.

The next person I know to have a baby, guess what card you're getting. Decided against completely re-doing it, so I'm off to make a replacement.

** Kate **


Jules said...

Ooooh, love that shoe card!

So Sonya said...

more lovely creations... will add to my blog list as I keep losing you lol... have replied to your comment over on mine!