Fluffy and Feast

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A large meal or a plentiful supply, show us 'feast' in your space today.

My newsagent didn't have one of the chocolate lolly variety (boo I was looking forward to an excuse to eat one of those!). So instead I have photographed my very overloaded pear tree. When my dad died I transferred a young pear tree from his allotment to my garden. It produces an abundance of pears each year which won't ripen if picked before September. I have picked the 1st one to put on the windowsill this morning to see if it's ready, if it ripens the lot have to be picked or they rot on the tree. SMO will groan as I get out my file of pear recipes - oh no not pear season again - its pear with everything from then on!

I'm really pleased I chose to photograph this today the tree is now too mature to be moved and will be left behind when we eventually find our new house. Someone else will have to deal with the pear feast.

On to this week's DCM little extra, which is to find something fluffy to create a card from. I bought a mixed pack of ribbons on Monday (mainly for the ric-rac) but this fluffiness was in there too.

Expecting a few crafting parcels, which always makes me cheerful. I impulse purchased some more storage earlier in the week and at the weekend I won a RAK at an online crop. Both parcels are coming by couriers with tracking systems so I can watch their progress!

My storage case left Southampton this morning and is on the lorry for delivery today - yippee. The RAK has left California and is now in Memphis, presumably visiting Graceland's before it hops on a plane to London.

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Julie said…
Lovely cheerful card
Love the card and your 'feast' photograph
Anne said…
Oooh, I used to have a pear tree at my old house - I miss it now! Love that shot! Great Christmas Card too!
Nina said…
Awwww love the pear tree!
Bobs said…
That's a great card. As for the pear tree ... it's a pity there wasn't a partridge in it to keep the Christmassy theme! lol

Nice shot too!
Hazel said…
Love the card. The pear tree obviously does very well - good shot.
Sarah said…
Another person with green fingers - I can't grow grass! Those pears look lovely, great photo.
Kirsty Wiseman said…
ooooh gimme those pears, slurp
Pam said…
mmmm, I love pears. Have you ever thought of drying them? They are very sweet when you do that.

I so enjoy you blog and all your card creations and pages

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