Pencil Lines Sketch #48


To grasp, carry or support with your hands. Find 'hold' in your space.

Piglet holding violets.
You can't have Piglet without Pooh, so here's an extra one for yesterday's word thoughtful.

Pencil Lines sketch #48 - my interpretation.The journaling records my attempts to emulate the photography of Richard Kraus!

Also got time to finish a couple more school diaries yesterday.

I've only got a couple more of these to find homes for, I'll have to see whose birthday is coming up.

The back to school saga went quite well yesterday. Stood for ages in the wrong place with the Dinky Diva only to discover all the other year 3's were already in the hall. She was really good about it though, no tears and tantrums, I was very pleased with her.

Small-N-Grubby had a good first morning too. Announced that he had settled in now so could he stay for lunch today. He was a bit miffed that he has to do half-days with no lunch for a whole term!

Started updating the shop and added a 'New For September' section so that there is easy access to all my latest creations. The shop providers have also added to customer forum for feedback and enquiries which seems to be quite well received. My section is here.

I've a long list of competitions I want to get entered so I must get off and get crafting.

** Kate **


Hazel said…
Those are sweet 'hold' and 'thoughtful' photos - love your crafting too.
sharon said…
so sweet your interpretations.x
really nice LO, thanks for joining in
anna x
Bobs said…
Aww, Piglet is my FAVOURITE Pooh character!! Thank you for this pic!
Julie said…
Great layout and loved the diaries too :)
Terrie Farrell said…
Love how you've used the winie the pooh characters, very amusing. X
SuzyB said…
My favourite has to be Pooh being thoughtful, what a great expression on his face lol
Anonymous said…
I love all the Pooh gang.
Rachael said…
Awww Piglet's my favourite. x
Louise said…
love the Pooh shot, and a great take on the PL sketch:)
LisaBabe said…
cute percy piglet and pooh Kate.

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