SOS #3

That's show off Sunday on HS:MS. I really haven't got into this Sunday challenge yet as it requires a bit of thinking in the week and my brain can't cope with any extra thoughts at the moment. One purpose it has served is to remind me that I don't go out on little photography trips any more. All my photos are of the family and events. Mental note to self try to take at least one little photography trip each fortnight.

On my customer forum I had a request for a card with a red admiral on it. Couldn't find an image anywhere. Chose this for SOS and thought, hang on isn't that one??
Rather pleased with this card I made last night.
I rarely stamp directly onto the card but now I have the bug for it and made these too.
Thanks for the well wishes yesterday, feeling much better, although not attempting the family swim this morning. Spent most of yesterday in bed, 2 kids permitting as of course SMO had cricket!

Off to catch up on the weekend's challenges, can I do 3 card challenges and a layout in one evening?

** Kate **


Bobs said…
Beautiful cards and a gorgeous flutterby!
Sue Nicholson said…
I tried, really tried to get in the Christmas spirit yesterday :(

But you def did, those cards are lovely . . . really lovely.

That is a smashing butterfly photo ?)

Rebecca said…
Lovely butterfly. I can't remember when I last saw a butterfly around here. I don't think I've ever photographed one.
Hazel said…
Great cards and love the HS:MS photo
Anonymous said…
Great shot of the butterfly!
Terrie Farrell said…
WEll done, lovely shot, we don't get to see as many butterflies anymore do we for some reason, must be climate change...isn't that to blame for EVERYTHING!
glad you are feeling better, love single layer cards, yours is beautiful
Great cards, love the photo of the butterfly :-)

Note to self " must start making Christmas cards"
alice k. said…
Love these elegant cards!

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