Monday, October 8


It is definitely Autumnal now, the chill in the air and all that. Still haven't picked those pears, they just won't ripen and I wonder now if they ever will.

HS:MS today is
The third season of the year. Show us 'Autumn' in your space today.

This photo was also taken in mum's garden on Friday.
Nothing much else to report. Didn't get any crafting done last night. Spent most of the time tinkering on the computer and the next thing I knew it was 10.40 and I just didn't have the energy to start anything.

I think the time has come for a timetable, what do I need to do and when by etc.
Still no post, until later in the week I think. I wonder if masses of stuff will come flooding through the door on Friday, bet it will be just a couple of bits of junk mail and some bills! It certainly won't be my Crop-O-Dile as its still on waitlist at QVC, hope they get them back in before Christmas.
** Kate **


Bobs said...

Lovely pic! Hardly seem any time at all since the leaves were just bursting open in Spring.

Diana said...

I agree lovely pic. I do like auumn cos I can then look forward to Spring.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful autumn photo Kate :D

Hazel said...

Fab autumn picture. I know what you mean about time on the computer!

Montysmum said...

Ahhhh the colours of Autumn my favourite season! and I know what you mean about the computer sapping all your time!

Louise said...

great take on the prompt... this year seems to have gone so quickly... soon be winter, oh joy!

Jolanda said...

Love the colours in your pic!