Baby Cards

A material made from a network of wire or threads. Show us 'mesh' in your space today.
(It's a laundry bag!)

Needed a baby card last night so made up a few extra for the shop.
This is the one I'm sending.

These are for the shop.
Really need to get my head around some batch makes ready for Christmas - which means I might have to reduce the number of challenges I do. Hmmm batch makes that fit in with challenges, now there's a challenge!

The first stage of voting on the Do Crafts competition had closed and I haven't made it through to the final 30 (boo-hoo). Voting in the next round has started and there are still 30 people in each category waiting with their fingers crossed, so hop over to and get voting.

** Kate **


Hazel said…
Sweet baby cards. Fine mesh!

I've just tagged you - details on my blog.
sharon said…
Your mesh recalled a memory of 80's vest tops..and I love your baby that a stamp with the baby vest on?
Rachael said…
Great idea for the mesh and cute baby cards.
Diana said…
Great mesh and really cute baby cards!
Love Di
Andrea said…
Fab baby cards, I love the teddy peeking out of the pocket, he's so cute
Anonymous said…
Aaaaahhhhh christmas batch baking. It is approaching too quickly
Anonymous said…
Sorry just realised your mean christmas cards DOH.
Jolanda said…
Love the laundry bag! Cards are cute!
Sue Nicholson said…
Great mesh bag!! Clever take I never thought of fabric :)

Love the baby cards :)

Aubrey Harns said…
Your picture is what I think of when I think of mesh. Great shot!
Linda said…
fab idea for mesh!

Love the cards too. :-)
Joy said…
My mesh photo is of the same laundry bag! LOL!

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