Tuesday, October 2

It's all Card

It's all card today. First off

A Piece of thick, stiff paper. Find 'card' in your space today.

My A4 supplies drawer.Next I finished the file card for over at Fresh and Fun WSC#21. Not quite sure if I have cut it correctly but here it is.And this is the inside.
All hand-cut BasicGrey and yes that includes the scalloped edged circle, but before you recommend me for sainthood take a look at Paula's blog here for the secret of how it is done!!

Forgot to tell tales from the wedding reception! I left at about 10pm with the kids and SMO stayed on to the end. Only SMO could arrive home with a rose between his teeth and a black eye!!! The rose had been part of a table decoration - I think it's quite traditional for the ladies to take the table decs home isn't it? The black eye was from earlier in the evening when some helium balloons escaped up to the lofty ceiling. He decided to give a leg up to someone and was kicked in the eye. Thanks 'P'!!

Off to get the 35mm films from the printers, fingers crossed they are ok as I couldn't remember how to use the camera (don't think it had been out of it's case in over a year) and had dug some out-of-date films out from the back of the freezer. I noticed Kirsty Wiseman had mentioned going off to a stately home or some such like at the weekend to practice her indoor photography. Something I would highly recommend as the bad light really threw me.

** Kate **

Oops edited as I credited totally the wrong blog for the card sketch!!


beate said...

Your file folder card turned out wonderful, Kate! Thanks for trying it out.
Hugs and smiles

Maaike said...

love your card
BG is great paper

Bobs said...

Love that file folder! BG really is the dog's doodahs. lol

Andrea said...

Fantastic file card love the papers

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous file folder, it's beautiful... just love the papers too :)

Diana said...

Woo Hoo way to go with that file folder!

Aubrey Harns said...

Looks great - great shot too!