Wednesday, October 3

Tray and Late Layout

A flat , shallow container for carrying food, drink and small items. Find a 'tray' in your space.

This is about the most interesting tray I have (if a tray can be interesting!!). I had a phase where I thought I might decorate my kitchen like an old American diner. Started collecting film postcards and such like at boot sales and that's where I found this tray. The diner look never happened (but I still have the stuff, so you never know).
Scrapping Frenzy has a challenge every Monday. This ones for last week, so it's a bit too late. the challenge was to scrap important events that you haven't got started on yet. I keep wanting to get started on layouts of Christmas past, so here is the 1st one (starting with the most recent and working backwards).
Picked up the 35mm wedding photos yesterday, nothing spectacular to report. I had forgotten how often you get them back and someone in the group shot has their eyes shut or pulls a strange face just as you click the shutter. There are a few funny shots in there, but I think I had better save them for the bride and groom. Might scan on a couple more pics of the kids later if I get a chance.

** Kate **


sharon said...

your tray is great! never know, one day you may get your kitchen how you want it..x

Rachael said...

I love your tray Hazel.x

Rachael said...

Hazel? I mean Kate.

Hazel said...

Tee hee, Rachael - did you call my name!? Interesting tray, Kate and lovely LO.

Bobs said...

That's a great tray, Kate! Hope you get your kitchen/diner someday!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great tray! Nice shot.