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Yesterday's prompt was 'cuddle'. Took this very blurred shot during the hols at my mum's.
Today's word is 'fungus'. Had a quick look around the garden, wish I hadn't. It really needs a spring clean and it looks as though a memorial tree we planted has died over the winter. To top it all there was no fungus, unless you count the green slime that is lying in a thick layer across the patio. So here is some fake fungus from the craft cupboard.
Made that soup for lunch yesterday and have a veggie curry on the go for lunch time today. This means I only need to eat a 3fruit salad in the evening and I can go to bed without the dreaded pregnancy indigestion.

Did a bit of tidying yesterday and little by little I am making room for a crib/cot next to our (hopefully new) bed.

** Kate **


maz said…
Yes! Now that's exactly the sort of fungus I like!
Zoe said…
Fake fungus looks so much better! Your garden sounds like mine! x
Sue Nicholson said…
They look like fairy toadstools :-)

By far the nicest fungus I have seen today!!

Take care and good luck with the indigestion. I lived on Gaviscon when pregnant with Sarah. I feel for you.

Louise said…
love the fake fungus:)

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