Friday, February 29


"oooh I do like a bit of cake, man I loves the cake". And by chance it is HS:MS word of the day and Small-N-Grubby made these last night.
Melted butter, cocoa powder and golden syrup in a pan (guessed the quantities).

Put Shredded Wheat in a bag and bashed it up, stirred in the goo and spooned into cases. No prizes for guessing that they won't see Saturday.
Don't tell anyone but I had a bit of an impulse purchase of crafty stuff on the net last night. I am on a self-imposed ban at the moment due to the fact that I haven't had much time for crafting and I have plenty of materials already. That pesky David at Craft Obsessions keeps sending e-mails about all the lovely new stock he has in. The latest was from 'Little Yellow Bicycle' and I have ordered myself a little kit ready to make up some pages about my boys and some cards ready for boys birthdays.

** Kate **


Marie said...

Mmmmmm shredded wheat cakes sound yummy. Great photo. xMx

Jolanda said...

Looks yummie!

amandamagpie said...

They sound delicious and I love Shredded Wheat. I know what you mean about David's emails - so tempting - I ordered a load of those new papers too because they really are perfect for boys aren't they? x

Bambi said...

neat cakes!

Marina said...

Love that idea with the shreddies, I have done it with my children when little but with large shreddies and made nest to put little easter eggs in. Marina :~)

Di said...

Great recipe and photo. Looks yummy. x