Tuesday, February 5

Celebrity Hijack

Well maybe not celebrity but SuzyB and Andrew (a couple of HS:MS regulars) have hijacked the photo prompts for the next couple of weeks and will be tempting us on the subject of the 7 deadly sins. Yesterday kicked-off with 'Lust' which brightened up what was otherwise looking like a dull, feeling sorry for myself kind of day with photos ranging from the brave to the hilarious.

I sent a text to SMO whilst he was in Tesco at lunchtime to see if they had any lustful choccie items (chocolate bottoms or those 7 deadly sins magnum lollies) he replied no joy but he had picked up some carnel shortcake. Well I assumed my photo was in the bag (literally the Tesco one) and waited with anticipation. It turned out to be a predictive text typo and they were just ordinary caramel ones.

SMO offered to pose (don't worry I turned him down) but I was reminded of another dessert he gets the name muddled on and the result was this shot.
Yesterday's acheivement : Got out of bed!

Small-N-Grubby and I are feeling much better today and he has been sent off back to school. The Dinky Diva is starting to complain of a sore throat though, so I better make the most of my day and get some stuff done in case I have her home tomorrow.

Today's HS:MS - Gluttony
Derived from the latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. Show us Gluttony in your space.

Here are the carnel shortcakes. If you eat gluton free and haven't discovered them yet they are divine, whole packet in one go yumminess.

Off to try and make an achievement list that will fill the whole of tomorrows blog!

** Kate **


SuzyB said...

ooh erotic, now there's a lusty word if ever I saw one.

I feel like lusting over those shortcakes though...

Jolanda said...

They look yummie!

Di said...

Clever and yummy! x

Sarah said...

They do look very tasty :-)

Marina said...

Oh will have to try those shortcakes haven't seen them are they in Tesco's? :~)

Farmersgirl said...

Ha ha ha carnal shortcake - I like it!


Kerry said...

Loving your Lust shot there - very clever!

And having just caught up with your pics, I can relate to your Organise one too ;)