Wednesday, February 13


Charity. Generosity, willingness to give. A nobility of thought or actions. Show us charity in your space...
Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday.

Thanks too to Kate and Bambi who both pointed me in the direction of Ticker Factory for my countdown. By the way there is no significance that it is blue, we said we didn't want to know in advance. I'll scan some of the scans pics in for a bit of a guess though. Won't be today however as I have Guide Association census and end of year accounts to do. Whoopeee!!

** Kate **


Bambi said...

you're welcome (^_^) can't wait to see the scans!

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Kate :-)

Congratulations . . . wonderful news :-)

Great shot for today's prompt.

Sue . . . two children and that's me finished :-)

Louise said...

congratulations... can't wait to see what this baby will be nicknamed:)
can't wait to see the scan pics... just so I can get even more broody

Shannon said...

Great shot....not sure of what it is. It is a great shot none the less

Bex said...

HUGE Congrats Kate - really lovely news x

Love Bex x