Monday, February 11

Chaste Place

HS:MS has gone all virtuous this week starting with today's word 'Chastity'. All I can think of is Hattie Jaques in Carry on Camping wearing an ill-fitting yellow t-shirt with 'Chaste Place' emblazoned across her chest. Can't find a pic of it so the thought will have to be my contribution for the day.

Meanwhile, I haven't finished sinning from last week yet. I missed the final 2 sins at the weekend.
The cold is feeling a lot better (after a bit of a blip at the weekend) and hope to get out in the sunshine this afternoon. As for crafting - well we can but hope.

** Kate **


Darcy said...

Love your homepride shot, takes me back to my Grandmother's baking.

Louise said...

love the homepride shot... Fred the flour man, love him:)

Shannon said...

Great envy and pride! Never seen the flour before.... looks like of Pilsbury Dough Boy.

Rachael said...

Both great interpretations. Hope your cold gets better soon - I've got the lurgy too and it's drving me mad. x