Friday, February 15


As Small-N-Grubby featured yesterday it'sthe Dinky Diva's turn today (teacher training day).
Forgiveness. Sometimes called 'Patience': Resolving conflict peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive, to show mercy to sinners. Show us forgiveness in Your Space...

Here she is begging for forgiveness for pulling the stair curtains down yet again.
Small-N-Grubby was keen to return to school for the last day of term as he was allowed to dress-up as a favorite classic children's book character. Here he is as Peter Pan with an over-eager Tinkerbell.
Feeling better agian today so fingers crossed I'm in the 'feeling better every day' stage.

Have to go as DD wants us to have a morning together and then she wants to go to her Grandma's for the afternoon without her brother.

** Kate **


Jo said...

Huge congrats on your news :) Hope you are doing ok- those chocs look yummy and such a fab piccie of the curtain- so like something mine get up too lol!

the hippo on my blof comes b &w - I coloured it with Photoshop.

jo xx

maz said...

You have very cute kids (even when they are destroying your property LOL