HS:MS - today's word is 'Greed'.
Greed (or avarice) is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess; applied to the acquisition of wealth in particular. Show us Greed in your space.

I could take more pictures of chocolate but to be honest it never stays in the house long enough to be photographed. There is another aspect of my life which I cannot deny involves the sin of greed...................
The Amy Butler pad is out as I plan to be creative tonight. Can't give details right now as I am planning a surprise for someone.

Yesterday's achievement - Wash Day (what a thrilling life I lead!).

I'm sure that most crafters and players of HS:MS will have heard about this by now, but just in case. Ellie Wiseman (daughter of photographer,crafter and HS:MS founder Kirsty Wiseman) is raising money to go to America for treatment.
You can read all about the Ellenor Wiseman trust here and check Kirsty's blog for other ways to join in with fundraising like raffles and auctions.

I had a frantic call from SMO this morning as he walked the kids up to school for me, "get my best trousers out ready, I'll call in on the way home." Turned out he had bent down to sort out Small-N-Grubby's shoe and split his work trousers right up the back, much to the amusement of mine and lots of other kids!

** Kate **


Rachael said…
Yum that all looks so nice and useable. x
Louise said…
no no no, stash doesn't come in the greed bracket, as it is a necessity to maintain a happy mummy, so therefore counted as an essential item:)
Shannon said…
Your greed and my greed are about the same. I have gone mad over scrapbooking lately! Nice shot!
Sarah said…
Not a scrapper (don't tell anybody, will you?!), but this all looks very pretty :-)

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