'Hole'. A hollow place in a solid body or surface. Find a hole in your space today!!!
The Dinky Diva seems to be living on these at the moment. For those who don't know them they are Cornish Wafers and are a very crumbly cracker. She has them for breakfast and in her lunch bag (when did it become lunch, surely it was always school dinners?).

Yesterday's achievement : Did some crafting!

Yep gots some cards made (driven by necessity). Just simple ones but getting me back into the crafting bug. The 1st couple are based on ideas and colours in Jo Kill's article for last month's Simply Cards and Papercraft.
This last one uses up some bits from a project I hope to have coming up in a magazine soon.
It's the start of half-term for us and the Diva is already nagging. I'm anticipating trouble as she is in a half-term ballet show and is either rehearsing or performing every night this week! Cue ratty, over-tired and bad-tempered Diva - and me!!

** Kate **


Rach said…
Great cards and a cool idea for the prompt today. Have you got a baby bump yet? x
Hazel said…
Great cards, Kate
Great take on the prompt, great cards too.
sharon said…
great texture shot.x
Zoe said…
Fab picture and cards- back to school for us here! Peace at last!
Sue Nicholson said…
What a smashing idea for the prompt. Thinking well ouside the box there. I can taste these now . . . must add to my shopping list!!

Lovely cards. I must get started. Mojo has been away far too long!

Louise said…
I love Cornish crackers... not sure I'd want them for breakfast though!!!
Love the cards too
Shannon said…
Great cards. Those look like our Saltine Crackers.
pokettiger said…
Very creative! I never would have thought to photograph the holes in a cracker.

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