Saturday, February 16


Kindness. Charity, compassion, friendship, and sympathy without prejudice for its own sake. Show us kindness in Your Space...

Guess who arrived this morning ................................ no not the baby it's a bit early for that, it was this guy (at least I think its a guy). He is a disgruntled knitted muffin of the raspberry and white chocolate variety and demonstrates the kindness of the Monkee Maker giving her time and money to raise funds for Ellie.

Here he is being welcomed to the family, although he looks none too pleased about it. Truth be told he looks none too pleased about anything!

Had yet another surprise in the post today. I had a card published in last month's Simply Cards and Papercraft. As has happened before, I sent it in for a competition and although it wasn't selected they have used it in their gallery instead. I think it's OK to show it as the issue is no longer on sale.** Kate **


maz said...

Lovely kindness shot. Just jealous that I didn't win it!! Well done for having the card published too:-)

JACKIE M said...

LOL great muffin and well done getting your card published.

SuzyB said...

Back from hols and playing catch up so firstly CONGRATULATIONS on the big news!!! How exciting is that!!

Secondly, well done on winning a muffin. My numbers didnt come up, Im demanding a recount.

Thirdly, great shots for the prompts, and thank you for playing along whilst we hijacked HSMS xx

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Kate,

I'm glad the muffin arrived safely, and intact.

If only I'd have known I'd have sent you a PROPER muffin .... known that you're eating for two now, and that you're the muffin master (after checking out your other blog!)

Many congrats to you and your family