Wednesday, February 27


HS:MS - Tower
A tall narrow construction, either free standing or forming a part of a building. Find a 'tower' in your space today.

Taken last year, really no reason why I shouldn't have got off my backside and gone out in the sunshine to take a new pic today!
Watched QVC yesterday afternoon as planned (and a bit the evening before). Disappointed that 7 Gypsies were on instead of DCWV. I like their ideas but their papers just don't do it for me. We R Memory Keepers on the other hand had some fab paper and scrapbook sets which I have on my wish list for the next time I have a big project to do. Love Anna Griffin - she's so unique. Got the idea for this little tag card from a paper folding demo she did. Just made up using scraps I had hanging around.
My food plan failed yesterday. The curry was yum and by 4pm I still felt full, had my 3fruit salad a little later on but by 8pm I was ravenous and raiding the back of the kitchen cupboards for a scabby hedgehog (well abandoned packets of crisps really). Ended up with late night snacking on cheese and an interrupted night's sleep. No earth tremors though - too far south.

Today I met a friend for an early cuppa and have been stuffing junk food ever since so the sensible eating plan will have to begin again tomorrow.

** Kate **


Shannon said...

Very cool and tall lego tower there! Love that he has to stand on something!

Zoe said...

Great tower, beats our little effort this morning - well done!

Bambi said...

oooh, that's a tall tower!