Feeling a bit better today so hopefully just have to see off the tail end of it.

Wrath - inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. These feelings can be manifest as vehement denial of the truth, impatience with procedure of law, and a desire to seek revenge.' Show us Wrath in your space.

This incurrs my wrath.
Of course we are assured that it is a larger whale and an unrelated smaller whale who is most definitely not a calf!

And on a lighter note.
Family fun day at church tomorrow so may go for a while and then leave SMO there with the kids while I make the most of the peace and quiet at home. We have also been invited to a party tomorrow evening - adults no kids! I think this is a first for SMO and I since starting our family, so hope to have the energy to pop in for a while.

** Kate **


pokettiger said…
Grapes of Wrath - LOL - what a hoot! Love this one. The other one makes me sad.
maz said…
Mixed emotions on your blog tonight. Great takes.
Louise said…
Whaling makes me angry too... there is no need for it nowadays, and I can't believe Japan still get away with it to the extent they do:(

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