Tuesday, March 11


Had Small-N-Grubby home yesterday. He was brought home by his grandparents on Sunday evening and promptly threw-up all over the bathroom. Could have been a candidate for today's HS:MS photo but you'll be pleased to know I didn't have the foresight to photograph it.
Back to normal today.

An overflowing of a large amount of liquid. Find a 'flood' in your space today.

There is a lot of flooding about in the area, but as it's still raining out I'm not volunteering to go and look for it. Instead I have this to offer.
For anyone not familiar with this lady her name is Nurse Flood, she lives in Pontypandy and has her own ambulance; which as well as making the noises you might expect also plays a jaunty Caribbean tune. Pontypandy is full of dashing Welshmen such as Elvis Cridlington, Trevor the Bus and of course Fireman Sam.

Did manage to get the bed up on Sunday before my Nurse Flood act.
Not a great pic but you can see it is of the wooden shaker style variety. Another job to tick off the list. There was a slight delay in sorting out the bed and as the tools were out I fixed the kitchen door as well, so 2 jobs for the price of 1.

Going to treat myself today as having a "I do feel better now Mummy" child home yesterday was quite tiring. Will brave the rain to go and look for chocolate and then catch up on a pile of craft magazines that are waiting for me. Then off to S-N-G's parents evening later.

** Kate **


Diana said...

What a cute interpretation of the prompt!!!
Love Di

Bambi said...

great take and i spot snoopy by the window (^_^)

Jolanda said...

Great take on the word and luckely you didn't photograph the "real" flood.....

pokettiger said...

Love the creative spin on flood you've taken today. I also love the badge - great quote!

Rach said...

Great take on the word. I couldn't think of anything today :(