Wednesday, March 5


Soft fibers that accumulate in small clumps. Find a bit of 'fluff' in your space today :)

There's only one major distributor of fluff around this place and that's the hairy happening herself.
Took this photo this morning, not that you'd know it as she is ensconced on the sofa as always. She is sulking a bit today as she had something orrible matted into the fur on her face and I decided the best option was to chop it off (hence bald patch in photo!)

It never ceases to amaze me how each of my pregnancies is different, when other people have said to me how theirs have been the same every time. I'm carrying really high up (what's the old wives tale for that? - boy or girl??).It's very uncomfortable and strange as there is nothing to keep up my maternity trousers, unless I do a Simon Cowell!!

Here's a couple of the scan photos, so any guesses is baby a him or a her?
** Kate **


Rach said...

I was wondering which part of dog you were showing us until I read on!! Great scan pictures. If it's making your life difficult already I'd bet on a male!

Bambi said...

cute fluff (^_^)
don't know about being high or low, what i know is your belly's more rounded, it's a girl and if it's a bit pointed, it's a boy

Em said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog :)

How sweet are those scan piccies - you forget just how small they are don't you? Def looks like a girl to me *wink*

Fese said...

Congrats. A bundle of joy, what a blessing.