I'm forever blowing bubbles

Well that's what it felt like this morning trying to get a shot for Her Space : His Space (Kirsty is taking a break and boy blogger is taking her space). Of course the kids had bubbles in the garden yesterday but I didn't get a picture. I used their leftover bubble mix to have a go but it's difficult to do the blowing and the photographing at the same time.


A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air.
Show us a bubble in your space today!

Here's what I ended up with.
Made a quick trip to town this morning, mainly because I needed some wrapping paper. Managed to resist lots of goodies in the Post Office but did pick up a little pad of 6X6 Amy Butler papers.

Have I ranted about my local health food shop before, I'm sure I have. The staff knowledge is pitiful and if they try to sell me something I don't want saying 'Oh this is the same product, it's just the packaging has changed' one more time I will scream.

** Kate **


Diana said…
Great bubble kate.
Jess said…
that picture is beautiful great lighting great clarity.
You've come up with a wonderful bubble photo.
Rach said…
Great picture. x
Fese said…
What a perfect bubble. Nice.

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