Friday, March 7


Is there such a word? Well, yesterday turned into a very productive crafting day.
First HS:MS for today 'badge'
Insignia to advertise, show membership of or make a statement with. Have you got a badge?

This is my Fiskateers badge.
Back to yesterday. Decided the best thing to do was batch make the birthday cards as once the 1st one is done you can gradually make changes to the next without having to bust your brain. So here are March's cards plus the odd extra one.
Based around a packet of 3d embellishments and embossed cards both from Papermania.

My mum asked me ages ago to decorate her shopping bag as her friends at work use the same ones and they get them muddled (you know senior moments). Finally had the inspiration to do it from a cot mobile design in one of my catalogues.
Remembering that this week's DCM little extra was a tutorial on hand-stitching cards I then turned the design into this.
I was so tired at the end of all this, I propped myself up in bed to try and get rid of the nightly indigestion and fell asleep until about 3.40am. This means a pretty good night's sleep for me at the moment!

Off to deliver mum her bag.

** Kate **


Bambi said...

nice badge (^_^) love what you did to your mum's bag too!

Louise said...

I LOVE THE BAG, AND THE CARD.... AND THE BADGE... oops sorry caps lock, I'm not shouting at you!!!

debby4000 said...

Great idea, cute card

CraftyCarol said...

I love the bag what a great idea!

Gina said...

Love both!! ~ super cute and great use of stitching for your DCM card! :O)

Rach said...

Great bag what a cool idea and the cards are stunning. I tend to batch make cards too - so much easier as then I don't have to think who did I send what to next year. x

Louise said...

I'm in catch up mode, some great photos adn crafts (you are very clever) Mothers day post lol! don't you just love kids and cameras and early mornings