Thursday, March 27

It's no fun

Being stuck inside on a sunny day with two perfectly well (but spotty) children bouncing off the walls who are not allowed to go out! I have left them painting in the other room and stolen a few moments on the PC, I guess I have all day to clear up the mess. Apparently we are baking this afternoon, or so they inform me.

We are going to my mum's tomorrow no matter what as it's only around the corner and she was in contact with the children earlier in the week, so like me, there is no avoiding them now.

I unwittingly lied as I typed yesterday. I had a call in the afternoon to say the lab didn't have enough of my blood serum left over to do all the tests. Ended up having to go and give more at the hospital yesterday afternoon to round off the day with the perfect ending. At least they now have before and after samples to play with, I gather it may be weeks before I hear anything back.

HS:MS today is 'Cup'.
A small bowl shaped container usually for holding liquids. Show us a cup in your space today.

With the new baby on the way (why do we say 'new' you don't give birth to old ones?), I decided it was time the older 2 went on to some more grown up crockery so we gave them these sets for Easter.
I guess they are mugs really, they came with egg cups but I can't find them.

My typing has been punctuated by the Dinky Diva screaming like a banshee at Small-N-Grubby so I think my time for today is up.

** Kate **


Jess said...

fantastic cups! sorry about having to "donate" again. I know they are all bloodsuckers!

Bambi said...

great cups!

Diana said...

Good to see you. great cups.

Rach said...

Good for them that they are not feeling ill but not so good for you! Great shot of the cups. Good luck entertaining the children. x

JanMary said...

Great cups. Hope little ones and you all surviving the lock-in!

Louise said...

oh poor you... 'poorly' children who are feeling ok is never good. Hope they can be let out soon

Louise said...

Hope they are better soon, Love the cups.

etteY said...

pretty fab cups :)