Thursday, March 6

A Jar

When is a door not a door?

When it's a jar!

I wonder how many HS:MS players will use that joke (and I use the term joke loosely) today.

A wide-mouthed container made of glass or pot to contain food. Show us a 'jar' in your space.

The out-laws brought this honey back for us from holiday and I kept the jar because I liked the way it was made with an impression on the side to match the lid.
Attempted to get a shot of the jar by putting coloured paper inside, you can just about see what I mean!
Not very pleased with myself at the moment. There wasn't much on TV last night (I'd already watched Torchwood on BBC3 last week). Decided to make all the birthday cards I need for March. Just couldn't pull anything together, made a couple of sketches but that didn't help.

So off to have another go at this task today (one of the cards needs to be in tonight's post). Am sat here stuffing yogurt covered apricot pieces and just read on the bag thy have gluten in them - so perhaps today won't be a better day after all!

** Kate **
Forgot to say, saw the midwife yesterday and all is well. I was concerned by my lack of bump but everything measured up OK, so no worries. Judging by the size of my butt I must be storing it there instead!


JanMary said...

Great shot of the jar against the blue.

I did consider a photo of a door "a jar" but went for something entirely different.

Bambi said...

nice jar (^_^)

Rachel said...

Oh a BABY I didn't hear - I thought you had been a bit quiet!!! Gluten in yog covered apricot!! Would like to know where and why - how silly!!! Anyway I know I am late to the party but CONGRATULATIONS now what is this one going to be called!!! Have emailed re the Catty!


pokettiger said...

Very cool jar - great choice. Love the blue background too.

etteY said...

great shot! :)