Friday, March 28

Just Chillin'

Yesterday went very well with the planned painting and then baking. The Dinky Diva was bossy and didn't stop eating/asking for food all day!
We did non-cook baking and made a jelly (you have to have jelly and ice-cream when your poorly), as well as shredded wheat cakes/sweets.

After that we had some fun freezing things, which fits in nicely with today's HS:MS - Chill.
A coolness in the air, a reduction in temperature, the onset of a cold or just plain chillin' out!
Homemade orange juice ice-pops on the right and experimental pineapple and yogurt lollies on the left. Got the idea from the channel 5 programme 'Breaking into Tesco'. Haven't tested them yet - wait for everyone to be off with food poisoning!!

Had a nice surprise yesterday when these winnings arrived. As our quarantine is nearly over I think I will wait a week for the school hols to try it out (with Grandma's help).

Getting ready to go to mum's now but after all that sunshine yesterday it's chucking it down today - typical.

Another impulse purchase yesterday, some K&Co Brenda Walton Brookfield, someone hide my credit card quick. That reminds me the kids had a lovely game of hide and seek yesterday afternoon, hiding their teddies. There was a lovely few minutes of silence where a stuffed tiger was doing the counting and both children went and hid - priceless.

** Kate **


Diana said...

Yummy take on the prompt kate!

Bambi said...

nice chill!

JACKIE M said...

Great chill idea they sound lovely=0)

Jess said...

Great Chill! i bet they taste fabby!

JanMary said...

Delicious Chill - mine is edible too.

pokettiger said...

Yummy. Wish I could visit your space and try the pineapple yogurt ones!

Shannon said...

Nice juice pops for chill!
I have never heard of slap cheek!

Rach said...

Lol at the hide and seek. You'll hve to let us how the lollies went they look yummy. x