HS:MS - 'Peg'
A clasping device used to hang or hold down. Go find us your pegs.

This is what your washing would look like if you were Snow White and all the little woodland animals came and did your housework for you!
Another trip out today, where Tesco failed Waitrose was able to provide. Got most of the bits I was missing, just need to go to the local nursery shop and order the bigger stuff that I don't have left over from the last 2.

Over at the Daring Card Makers the theme from Friday was teenagers cards, so here is my try at being cool or should I type book?
Made from lots of leftovers, with the letters cut using a Xyron Personal Cutter (XPC):
  • BasicGrey - Periphery
  • Colorbox - Flavia
  • Little Yellow Bicycle - Zach's life

** Kate **


Bambi said…
those are some cute pegs!!!
Rach said…
Love the pegs like Bambi says really cute. Definetely a cool card. x
Great pegs! I like the card too!
Jess said…
great photo! I love that card though. I need to find some good card websites..
JACKIE M said…
Great peg shot, and card.

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