Friday, March 14


Yes, the Grubby one is back to school today, don't get me wrong he is a joy to look after but he did wear me out with all those extra trips up and down stairs.
A plants power of reproduction. Find some 'seeds' in your space today!
All waiting for me to get a nice weekend free, tidy-up the garden and sow them direct outside. I'm thinking with the new baby that the summer hols will involve a lot of garden play for the older 2 and these should make it look bright and cheerful with NO maintenance.

Had planned to wander in to town today and raid Mothercare but it is wet and miserable so I decided not to risk my persistent cough and stay at home instead. Will wander up to school this afternoon IF it brightens up.

Had an impulse purchase from good old QVC the other day.
I like the bright colour combinations. The 8x8 pad is thick enough to use for cards and I might use some of it to cover my baby diary as well. Whilst I love the liberating feeling of blogging my thoughts for the world to read there are still some baby related things I want to privately get off my chest/out of my head and I find a good old fashioned diary ideal. It started after I had the Dinky Diva (just known as Kitten back then, Diva tendencies came out later!). I just couldn't settle without the birth playing through my head like a movie every time I tried to shut my eyes. It is such a traumatic life changing experience you don't want to forget but you do need to let go, so a blow by blow account went into the diary allowing me to at least empty one thing from my overflowing brain. Now there are two diaries stashed away in the children's memory boxes in the loft and another is just getting underway.

It really looks miserable out, I feel retail therapy coming on. Might confess to my purchases tomorrow. Must also get to one of my local bead shops as I noticed some fab new stock in. The shop is just a minute away from the Doctors so I lurk in there until my appointment is due and then leg it round the corner to arrive right on time. If only all Doctor's waiting rooms were made that way!

** Kate **


Diana said...

LOl hope you get these seeds planted and have a GREAT crop.
happy weekend
Love Di

Zoe said...

Those will be lovely when they flower, hope your kiddies won't deadhead them early like my L used to!!
Diaries are fab, I've started one recently, so much easier to write about stuff (grief for me) without fear of criticsm.
:) xx

Rach said...

Those flowers should look fab in the summer. Mine always end up arguing with either a football or a tennis ball, the flowers usually loose. x

Bambi said...

lots of seeds (^_^)

angie said...

Nice shot, and glad he's back in school today for you :o)

pokettiger said...

Nice photo. I have a little collection of seed packets all waiting to be planted too. Just have to do the work (clear out some weeds and such) so I can get them in the ground.

Jolanda said...

Those seeds will be beautiful in the garden!