A spot of bother

Yes the spots are back with a vengeance and have been confirmed as most probably members of the measles family with 'Slap cheek' coming a close 2nd.

Needless to say they are no longer back at school and I have them at home for at least the rest of this week. Then there is only a week back before they get a fortnight off!!

Small-N-Grubby was very worried about a visit to the Doc but I assured him that if anyone had anything done it would be me - and I was correct, my antibodies are being checked out as I type.

HS:MS today is 'Fly'. I'll have a think about it but pigs might before I get a chance to have any time to blog/craft for the rest of the week.

** Kate**


Louise said…
awwww, sorry all is not well in your house, hope you do find some time to yourself... and hope the tests come back good for you
Rach said…
Oh nooo I am so sorry about the poorlyness at your place at the moment. I hope everyone is feeling better really soon. x
Diana said…
Poor darlings and poor you!!! Hope they are better soon.
Love Di

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